Thursday, 9 July 2015


There's a bowl out there called the 'unbelievabowl' you may have seen it or heard of it... its by vital baby.

I just got this off their Facebook page. 

I bought one for pops a while ago because her favourite thing to do is lift the bowl or plate and turn it over (she still loves doing it)
A bowl that she can't tip over? Amazing. It's not the cheapest thing but if it works it'll save me cleaning up all the mess? That was the plan anyways. 

I think it cost around £5 which comes with the base and ONE bowl so I bought the extra bowls you can buy on their own... think they were a few pound on sale in tesco but just seen them on amazon for £11(crazy)

I found that it didn't really work for me or pops and she could easily just slide it round and lift it off... I'm usually the first to complain if I get something that doesn't work but this time I didn't?! I just left the base in cupboard and carried on using the bowl as a well, expensive bowl. 
I was having a mooch through the Facebook page and noticed alot of people saying theirs didn't work and they were given an email to get it sorted. 
I emailed them and mentioned mine and how it doesn't work and was sent a pretty quick reply (that's good) 
I couldn't help but laugh... try it on a glass table or window!
Regardless of if it works on either of those they are not somewhere I will allow my BABY to eat her food. 
I know they mean it as to check if it works on them but so what if it does? I bought it to work on her high chair and booster chair but it doesn't. 

Have you bought one of these bowls? Are you one of the lucky ones that it works for or are you having trouble?
The email to contact if yours isn't working is below.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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