Sunday, 28 June 2015

Folly farm.

We've had a busy long weekend. MM took Friday (and monday) off to make a long weekend and I was told it's going to be a busy one. We went to folly farm on Friday which is in Pembrokeshire. It's amazing there. It's more like a zoo/soft play/farm/funfair. We got there just after lunch so fed pops

and then headed out to see the animals... first stop was of course the giraffes. (My faves)
I was actually shocked at how close they were, much closer than at London zoo!

We of course popped by the penguins to say hello... last time we went pops fell asleep just before we got to them so we bought her a folly farm penguin!

Considering the whole car journey it was pouring with rain we didn't have high hopes on a nice day but the sun came out and it was lovely, a bit too sunny to stay outside too long with pops though so we went into the farm bit and I got to milk a goat!!! 
It was crazy and warm and weird and fun all at the same time!

They have so much to do in the farm area and lots of little things to teach kids about it all but Pops was getting a bit weary of the farm animals so we went to enjoy the soft play (and wear her out for bed)

We all had so much fun in the soft play and there's different ones for different aged kids but all have so many things to do.

She was so tired she fell alseep pretty much the second the car started.

We all had an amazing day and would highly recommend anyone to go. There's so much to do for both adults and kids! 
They're adding some new animals (rhino etc) this summer so even more to do. 
There's lots of picnic areas so no need to buy food there and if you're on a budget avoid the gift shop on the way out... 
The prices are pretty reasonable but there is sooooo much amazing stuff you'll find it hard to stick to a budget. 

Until the next post,
Are, Pops and MM.

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