Monday, 8 February 2016

Weekend ups and downs.

This weekend was supposed to consist of safari on Saturday and alvin and the chipmunks on Sunday... one of those went to plan...

We got up and ready nice and early Saturday morning and started making our way to west midlands safari park, the weather was horrible and our car heater is broke and we couldn't get it to clear as we were driving. It was one of the scariest things I've ever been through. Then to add to that pops car seat was suddenly really loose?! I tend to not think as things as signs but I definitely felt these were. We decided to not go to the safari as it's 2 hours away and it was just too unsafe to continue. 

I wanted to get pops car seat looked at so we went to mothercare and as MM was fitting it pops and I walked around.... we got hooked by pixifoto and ended up spending 90pound on photos. They definitely make you feel like you have to buy and it's not very nice once you walk away and know you didn't have that money. 
Has this happened to anyone else?

Sunday was the best day weve had in so long, things just fell into place. 

We headed into cardiff to see alvin and the chipmunks, we got there just in time to see them come in and have a little meet and greet.

Then we headed for some lunch at Zizzi (highly recommended), using the voucher I had won on their online game. Pops was still a bit tired so got a bit restless towards the end. 
Once we were done we headed back over to where alvin was for the dancing and music.

It was such a lovely experience and it actually made me cry a bit watching how happy and excited pops got.
Does anyone else cry when they see their kids really happy? Just me? 🙈 

We headed home and pops and MM had such a long nap! 

Sorry if the post seems a bit all over the place, I wrote it in 2 sittings.

Until the next post,
Are and Pops.

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